Pumpkin Risotto


Sorry for the name of this post, it is a play on words made by my kids and I stole their copyright for an alternative title!

Today we set a pumpkin risotto a little bit special: you will find it in many versions, especially during this autumn time, and I offer here mine enriched by the touch of tasty bacon.

Try it and tell me if it does not seem born to be together, the pumpkin and the speck …

receipe with pumpkin

What we need:

– 1 shallot and a half

– Half of medium sized pumpkin, cut into chunks

– Vegetable broth (at least a couple of liters)

– Carnaroli rice (but is fine if you love your favorite other) (500 gr)

– Dry white wine

– Parmesan

– Gouda cheese or similar

– 1.5 hg Speck

– 1 tablespoon of butter

– Extra virgin olive oil q.s.

– Salt and black pepper q.s.

What do we do:

First, we cook the pumpkin: in a saucepan with a dribble of oil soften the chopped shallots, then add the pumpkin into small pieces (cooked before!) and let it flavor. Add salt, pepper and a few minutes later cover it with vegetable broth and cook gently with the lid until you see the pumpkin’s flaking. When it is ready you can smash it or leave it so.

In a frying pan prepare the speck: after cutting it into thin strips put in the hot frying pan without adding fat and turn it until you see that often have the appearance of bacon, beautiful browned and crisp. Set aside.

Proceed with the preparation of risotto: we melt the butter and add half the chopped shallots; once ready, add the rice and toast it, turning often, until translucent and well toasted. Add a glass of white wine and let evaporate it. At this point I put a pinch of salt, but if you prefer you can add it to the end.  Before you start to wet with the broth put the pumpkin, sliced or pureed: let’s a dd ita little at a time so as not to interrupt the cooking of rice.

Now we proceed as usual: soak the rice with a ladle of broth at a time, letting it absorb slowly, without succumbing to the temptation to cover it all in one shot. It seems the most boring part of the preparation, but is one that ensures a good result, it takes a bit of patience but it’s the only trick I know to the success of a risotto!

When the rice is ready turn off the fire and whisk with Parmesan, Gouda cheese cut into small pieces and a generous grinding of black pepper.

Put the risotto in the pot then add a bit of crispy bacon on top of each portion and voila’, bon appetit!

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