Do you feel it? Ballerina shoes, ice cream (that always …) and the sun begins to warm the air: we could call it new season, not only spring but not yet summer, is the rebirth of nature, the desire to innovate that comes right now.

For me it is synonymous with energy, creativity and more playful imagination: do you like these cushions?

Crabs, not really so small, are big to be embraced and they are so funny for me.

I draw them and rebuilt several times, at the beginning they had more legs, antennae, details … but finally I got to a simpler design, more childish, and just as I wanted! My kids love them, I have sewn and several others are ready to face the photographer to show you.

As always are entirely handmade by me and you can customize the selection of fabrics, buttons and lettering embroidered on the back.