I have created this idea for a photographer who wanted to present his work in an original way to customers, newlyweds: a case of pure linen cotton lined linked by a bakery twine contrasting with locking wooden heart. Inside, their best memory: printed photos of the ceremony bound in an album and a CD with the digital version of the same.

Since this work is the desire to create a set consists of a coordinated housing for wedding invitations, one for the album, one for the CD with the photos and the video of the party.

And why not, I have created also a series for baptism: a sweet case lined in linen cotton (and here the imagination has no limits!) to present in a new way invitations to the ceremony and pictures.

The all you can coordinate with the wedding favors and bags for confetti.

You can indulge in the choice of buttons (mother of pearl, wood, heart …), lanyards and obviously the tissues.

As usual, I have not images enough worthy to be published in the net but I’m gearing …

Meanwhile, do you like them?