How much emotion in the preparation of the bow that announces the birth of a baby!

I remember the two that I made for my kids: now they jealously guards in the box of the first memories but I kept them in their room for a long time.

These you see here are the bows that I have designed for the shop: a linear model, no rosettes or puppets, I like that it is just a simple form with the ability to customize the two 3D decorations (here you see a heart and a star) but most of all I love the choice of fabrics.

For the announcement of the birth I decided to opt for a macro tag, I love these plates, with heavy cardboard with the name or the word you prefer made in felt: here too, simplicity is the key!

I do not still have all the pics ready but I will insert them asap: I chose to make them with the fabric shirt sticks white and blue, pink micro polka dots, beige striped or polka dots, simply white … I can not wait to show them all!

Stay tuned …