Memories of school



Today ends the first year of nursery of Pietro: it seems like yesterday that we started this journey!

It was the year of separation – that he has never departed from me for more than a half day’s random at grandparents’ …

It was the year of the first disease – which he has never caught a cold has experienced everything over the past nine months, sigh …

It was the start to the discovery of new skills – he is used to having hands on creative activities with me now has begun to draw, paint, paste, and do a lot of things alone, by himself!

It was the beginning of the most precious feeling of life, or rather, one of those that we carry jealously in heart: friendship. Despite being a rather timid kid, he is begun friend of two, three children in particular, and the thought of meeting them is what brightens the morning when still down in tears saying goodbye.

And I … that I do not leave him a second, that I do not trust anyone, I’m worried about everything … I started to let him go.

I have chosen the best school, the teachers make you happy, it creates a good atmosphere between parents and the wheel engages: day after day I grow with him and learn the eternal lesson that you never finish to learn.

So bye bye you, dear asylum, I am happy to be able to have my big baby exclusively for me with his brother! And see you in September, full of enthusiasm for the new adventures that await us …

And for the teachers, here you are some fishes pins in fabric!


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